Commentator Idol!

Hi everybody, terribly sorry for being afk for so long … I’ve had some financial issues and other stuff pop up, but I still shouldn’t have waited so long to write a good article.


One major project that I got drawn into and has dominated my StarCraft life for a few weeks already is the SC2GG Commentator Idol, presented in association with Voice of eSports (the company I started a while back with some SC2GG people) and masterminded by Cholera, the history-loving Reach-adoring commentator who is one of SC2GG’s best-known voices.  I’m one of the two permanent judges of Commentator Idol, which is a parody of American Idol with up-and-coming YouTube StarCraft commentators in lieu of Kelly Clarkson and Taylor Hicks. 

Here’s the first episode – go to the Violetak account on YouTube to see the rest!


I’m the Paula Abdul figure of the show, I guess, with Cholera playing Ryan Seacrest and another well-known SC2GG commentator named Rise attempting to be Simon.  We just released Episode 3: Foreign but Gosu today, and for the last couple episodes we’ve had some really interesting guest judges on the show too – Diggity for Ep 2 and Chill from TeamLiquid for Ep 3.

The Guest Judges (so far)



Diggity in avatar form

Chill, celebrating BlizzCon


The Permanent Judges

Slide1 Slide2
Yes, Rise really is this cool

It’s me!


The Host


No, Cholera is not actually an ungodly hybrid of Reach and Chuck Norris.  This is just what he aspires to be.

What I’ve really been impressed by, though, has been the quality of the contestants who are on the show.  Cholera, Rise, and I went through 17 applications consisting of two commentaries for each applicant in order to come up with the six (originally five but one more slot added because of interest) contestants for the first episode.  So far two of them have been eliminated, and we were very sad to see them go, but this just underscores for me how incredibly talented, smart, and eloquent the remaining four are.

The First to Fall

hamilcaravatar smi1ey_avatar
Hamilcar was eliminated in the first episode with guest judge Diggity smi1ey was eliminated in the second ep with guest judge Chill


The Final Four

KennyPic2 hazel
MFTW parcx-1

If any of you are looking for some fresh new voices in the YouTube commentary scene, I’d highly recommend you click on these avatars and check out the contestants’ YT channels – they’re all excellent in different ways.  And yes, Hazel is a girl.  She’s also a damned good StarCraft commentator.

Anyway, stay tuned for episode 4 – dual commentaries!  Kenny and Hazel are casting two Korean SC mirror matches, as are Morph and Parcx.  The VODs will be listed on SC2GG on Thursday (although they may be up on the contestants’ individual pages before then) and voting will open Thursday evening.  If you’re interested in taking part, sign up on the SC2GG forums and vote!  The judges’ votes count towards the total, but the majority is held by you, the people!

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