The Collegiate StarLeague: MIT

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology is right across the river from me.  That being said, the MIT CSL team’s side of the match didn’t take place on campus.  Instead, my trusty photographer assistant Michael and I headed over to Brookline – a nearby town that also happens to be my hometown – to the ZBT fraternity house on a quiet residential street. 

Unlike the Princeton side, this match was not open to the public.  It was a quiet, homey setup, with the six players and an extra girlfriend gathered around a couple long white tables in a dining area.  The MIT captain, Yang (aka Sedraxis), was very hospitable and offered us access to the wealth of food in the kitchen as well as a tour of the house’s facilities.  Michael and I arrived at 8 with a half hour to spare before the match was set to begin. 

I guess Yang hadn’t had dinner …


Setting up the hardware and software before the match


Testing headsets, reviewing strategies


Bubble tea: drink of champions


One of the players also had commentating aspirations, so he sat in a comfy chair in the next room and prepared to live-cast the games.

Puffy jacket required


Then, even though the MIT team had taken the time earlier in the day to test out the streaming system, technical difficulties struck.  Yang was a man of action, running around with frantic energy and not hesitating for an instant to call Hazel up with questions about iCCup launcher.

“Houston, we have a problem.”


Yang had the brilliant idea of setting up a webcam so that his laptop could record player reactions during the games.  Maybe he’d catch a look of shock during an unexpected drop?


Last-minute warmups while technical difficulties were holding things up


Apparently fleece hoodies and pullovers were the uniform of choice.  Northface, this is a great sponsorship opportunity!


Things were looking grim on the technical side, but we all knew the issues would get resolved in the end.  The only question was whether there’d be an audience left …


The shirt naturally requires a fistpump.  Yes!


Yep, that’s the first four zerglings after a nine-pool.  Oh, and Peanut in the background.


It’s all about teamwork.  Even the 1v1s (scrimmage games!).


No fancy-pants Macs for this team.  SC runs better on a sleek black Toshiba.


“Someone stole the cookies?  Who would do such a thing?!!”


This is no mere college student.  This, my friends, is a WARRIOR!


Can you handle this?!

I had to leave before the third game, unfortunately, but it was really great meeting the MIT team and witnessing this historic event.  I did a few interviews with the captain and players – you can check them out on my youtube page.  They have really interesting things to say!  Here’s one to whet your appetite:


And finally, here’s a message from the MIT team to all you would-be challengers:


Yeah, that’s right.  Peanut out!


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