Epic Photo Drop: Mass Madness 14

At the beginning of the tournament (or a couple hours into it, since Kwan and I arrived around 1:30) there were TONS of people.  Mostly brawlers.

n20131_36200559_266907 n20131_36200566_2604767


n20131_36200569_6926210 n20131_36200570_5235890

n20131_36200571_3281245 As seems apparent to Mattdotzeb, tournament organization can seem a little overwhelming at times, especially when 100 people show up to play Brawl and there aren’t enough setups to go around.


And now … the Melee corner!

n20131_36200574_4225082 n20131_36200575_5369390


PC Chris plays some friendlies (above) while sitting in the psuedo-futuristic yet surprisingly uncomfortable gaming chairs.  That tv was ghetto.



n20131_36200578_2409433 Are you kidding me?  Kwan can totally take on the Scar-Wife team!


Epic 2v2 matchups deserve equally epic audience spectatorship.

Yeah I see you there DJ Nintendo.

n20131_36200582_5586991 n20131_36200583_4381194

PC Chris making “the face” against various opponents.

n20131_36200584_7843054 n20131_36200585_6476527


MOAR 2v2 iNtEnSItY!



Wife battles KDJ one on one for a pulse-raising tournament match!

n20131_36200590_6492518They may not have returned triumphant, but these two get my vote for “sexiest team.”  Don’t gloat, guys, you didn’t have that much competition …

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