Celebrate Our 33rd Anniversary With An All-New Christina Kelly Adventure In South Korea!

Thirty-three years ago today, our founders launched the global brand now known as Christina Kelly to great acclaim, and our mission since then has been to create uniquely compelling interactive storytelling experiences that inspire community and critical thinking in our playerbase. In honor of this milestone, we’re announcing our most ambitious content patch yet – Seoul: One-Way Ticket.

We know our fans love the epic international adventure packs we’ve been releasing in recent years, including Costa Rica: The Search For Sloths in 2018 and South Korea: An (Overwatch) League Of Their Own in 2017. We heard your requests for a more open-world experience that relies on deep mechanics and relationships rather than a main narrative, and our design team has been working around the clock to create an interactive tale that delivers on all of this and more.

Seoul: One-Way Ticket will be deployed to the test server tomorrow, June 11th, and all servers will be offline for about 24-36 hours. After that, there will be a 14-day “quarantine” period (closed beta), following which, if all goes well, the patch will be live on production. Exciting new features include:

  • No end date: For the first time in Christina Kelly brand history, this international adventure chapter will launch without a confirmed end date for the ultimate open-ended, immersive gameplay experience.
  • All-new healthcare system: After much internal debate, we decided that the COVID-19 patch needed rebalancing. S:OWT has a revamped healthcare system that, on balance, should significantly improve individual life expectancy during the pandemic arc.
  • New social and environmental interactions: S:OWT will use the full game engine and not a limited version, unlocking new activities and depths of friendship with recurring characters while introducing a whole new cast and remastered, ultra-high-fidelity maps.
  • New optional missions: There are no required missions in S:OWT aside from Tutorial/Getting Started and a few holdover transition quests. Our new open-world system means that players can optionally pursue major storylines that provide the same legendary tier of rewards as featured previously in required missions.
    • New S:OWT esports-themed missions will satisfy even the most hardcore fan.
    • We are reintroducing the venerable Korean Language Fluency mission, for the fourth time, but with dramatically increased experience boosts, updated learning interfaces, and better intermediate and completion rewards.
  • New lifestyle content: Expansive fashion options paired with an updated tailoring engine mean tons of cute clothes and accessories – that totally fit! As “more authentic Korean/Asian food” has been the #1 food-related community request for some time, we’re also overhauling the entire culinary menu system accordingly (Design Note: we warned you).
  • And much, much more!

Core Christina Kelly content will never be paywalled, and this remains true for our most ambitious expansion ever. For those who want to demonstrate their support for the development team financially, we are officially announcing the Birthday Quarantine Compendium, hosted on Facebook, which will run for 7 days starting on June 10 and aims to raise USD$1400 towards closed beta expenses (Lore Note: the scenario is a mandatory 14-day stay at ~$100/day, courtesy of the Korean government). Again, participating in the Compendium is purely a sign of support and not participating does not affect future core content access.

That’s all for now – thank you to all of our fans, old and new, for their feedback and enthusiasm as we undertake this grand adventure together. Remember to stay safe, stay savvy, and have fun.

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