Education: The New Frontier

[Originally published on Facebook 9/4/2020]

My mother likes to say that my path to journalism started in preschool in Wellesley, MA when I would stand watch at the window at the end of the day and announce the parents who were arriving to collect their kids. This allowed for a smooth and joyful transition as my classmates ran to grab their coats for the journey home. It was information arbitrage at its simplest, and it was gratifying to provide a service that was useful and evoked delight. Since then, although my career has led me to much more esoteric corners of news in the video games and esports industry, I’ve always enjoyed being at the forefront of what we see as possible for humanity and relaying information and stories that herald a future of inspiring potential. I joined ESPN Esports in 2017, six months after the website was launched, where my colleagues and I described the glory of a brand-new kind of sport to a wider audience. The global passion and innovation of esports was too explosive to relegate to obscurity, too relatable to consign to niche online forums and uninformed assumptions about awkward teenagers in basements.

After years of moving around the US and the world to find the best stories and the best opportunities to tell them, I’m currently preparing to move back to the Boston area and shift to a new frontier: education. I’ve spent over a decade of my life breaking new ground in the esports and video gaming industry as a communications professional and an Asian woman in a space notoriously hostile to gender and ethnic minorities. I found success even as I grew increasingly dismayed at the doors closed to myself and others like me. Now, I think the answer is to mentor a new generation whose outspoken awareness of social justice will fully explore the possibilities of a world where anyone and everyone has a fair shot at their dreams, regardless of biological characteristics and circumstances of birth.

I will use the money from my fundraiser to support myself as I find opportunities to reach students, especially those who are interested in my former industry. I want to enrich their passion for games and esports with my unique depth of experience. This will give them the edge they need to pursue their careers in a very competitive field without compromising their visions of a more equitable world. The more young people I can inspire to tell the stories only they can tell through all the tools available, the more hope I’ll feel for a better and brighter tomorrow.

Thanks for reading!

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