About Me

I’m a Boston native who’s moved to northern California, then to Connecticut, and most recently to southern California for various career opportunities.  I’m particularly passionate about video and computer games – especially in gaming communities and gaming-as-spectator-sport (also known as electronic sports, or esports).  I first fell in love with esports during a summer study-abroad program in Seoul, South Korea in college, which resulted in my co-founding an award-winning esports startup during my senior year. This led to a long stint in the video game development and publishing industry in the bay area, followed by a return to esports in the editorial field at ESPN and Blizzard Entertainment.

This blog mostly aggregates writing that I’ve done for various online publications, both in a professional capacity and as a volunteer/hobbyist.

While video games are my true love, I also delight in all of the ways that technology is moving us forward to a brighter, richer future. I also love languages of all kinds and am fascinated by the mechanisms of thought and idiosyncrasies of culture.

Please contact me at peanut.voe [at] gmail [dot] com for more information, or just to say hello!