About Me

I’m a Boston native who’s moved to northern California, then to Connecticut, then southern California, then Florida, then Washington, D.C., then South Korea, and now back to Boston for various life and career opportunities.  I’m particularly passionate about video and computer games – especially in gaming communities and gaming-as-spectator-sport (also known as electronic sports, or esports).  I first fell in love with esports during a summer study-abroad program in Seoul, South Korea in college, which resulted in my co-founding an award-winning esports startup during my senior year. This led to a long stint in the video game development and publishing industry in the bay area, followed by a return to esports in journalism and communications/PR at ESPN, Blizzard Entertainment, and The Story Mob. After over a decade in the game industry, I’m turning my focus to education to support the next generation.

This blog mostly aggregates writing that I’ve done for various online publications, both in a professional capacity and as a volunteer/hobbyist.

While video games are my true love, I also delight in all of the ways that technology is moving us forward to a brighter, richer future. I also love languages of all kinds and am fascinated by the mechanisms of thought and idiosyncrasies of culture.