Why I Root for Smash: Reflections on Genesis 3 and the Smash Community

Genesis 3: The crowd gets to its feet at the climactic conclusion of one of the Melee top 8 games.

Sitting in the audience at the San Jose Civic Center on the last day of Genesis 3, I could feel the crowd settling down a bit after watching a nail-biting best of five between C9.Mango and Liquid`Hungrybox in the losers bracket finals (or “alternative bracket to success finals”) of melee singles.  A fellow behind me suddenly yelled, “Get f*cked, Hungrybox!”  I wasn’t sure how to react, but before I could decide, the person next to me turned around in his seat to face the guy who yelled.  “That wasn’t very nice,” he commented, firmly but not antagonistically.  “Yeah,” I bandwagoned, turning around slightly myself.  And … that was it.  There was no argument about who was right, no defensiveness or insults, no protests about whether or not Hungrybox deserved it.  The yeller accepted the rebuke and didn’t do it again.

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Better Late than Never – Mass Madness 13!

On December 6th, 2008 I went to an awesomely low-key Melee tournament out in Framingham, MA at Game Universe. I look forward to going to more and taking more pictures. Apologies for the picture quality – I’ll get or borrow a new camera for the next one. Stay tuned!

Results (from this thread)


1. Banks and th0rn (Fleshwang)
2. Dazwa and Zoso (The imperialfiendlord imports his water from Athens but is still as Sleepy as Darc)
3. Skler and Pine (Pup n’ Suds)
4. Alukard and GMoney
5. Elen and AOI


1. KoreanDJ
2. th0rn
3. Reno
4. DJ Nintendo
5. Banks
5. Zoso


Let the games begin!



G$ ruins the shot …


That’s better.



Some non-smash gaming, just for kicks





Can you feel the intensity?!



C’mon, let’s hear some trash talk!